Premium luxury marina living with uninterrupted views of the gulf

Introducing the Stage 6 Developments

Located at Heritage Drive just north of the Wallaroo town centre

Approved as a Major development in 1999, the Copper Cove Marina comprises a public and commercial marina focused on providing berths and facilities to local boating and fishing industry.

The development involves residential housing, land division, commercial development sites, and the marina berths. This proposal comprises a total of 500 housing allotments, a range of restaurants, bars and tourist accommodation as well as up to 154 marina berths.

Premium luxury marina living with uninterrupted views of the gulf

The Wharf

Beach Sand at Wallaroo Eco-Friendly-Clean-Marina-at-Wallaroo

Caring For Our Surrounds

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One of the most critical components of any marina facility is the marine environment. At Copper Cove we are committed to maintaining a pristine marine environment, and as such, have begun the process of having Copper Cove Certified as a clean marina.

The Clean Marina Program is an international, voluntary accreditation system for marinas, yacht clubs, boat clubs, slips, boatyards and associated industry operators. The Clean Marina Program has been developed to support marine industries in its endeavours to protect our coastal and inland waterways.

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Commercial Marina

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Copper Cove Marina Wallaroo is a world class development located on the pristine waters of Spencer Gulf in South Australia. Situated in historic Wallaroo less than a two-hour drive from Adelaide in an area known as the Copper Triangle, Copper Cove also takes its name from the region’s proud heritage of copper mining.

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Beach Sand at Wallaroo Eco-Friendly-Clean-Marina-at-Wallaroo

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