The Environment

Wallaroo Marina, Copper Cove

One of the most critical components of any marina facility is the marine environment. At Copper Cove we are committed to maintaining a pristine marine environment, and as such, have begun the process of having Copper Cove Certified as a clean marina.

The Clean Marina Program is an international, voluntary accreditation system for marinas, yacht clubs, boat clubs, slips, boatyards and associated industry operators. The Clean Marina Program has been developed to support marine industries in its endeavours to protect our coastal and inland waterways.

By understanding to be a clean marina, Copper Cove pledges to adopt the best practice marina operators procedures, with a view to protecting the marine environment at all times.

Fishing activities within the Marina

The cleaning of fish within the marina is prohibited by the Environmental Protection Authority, and unloading of commercial catches at the public boat ramp are also not allowed. This must be done at the commercial wharf.

The taking of undersize fish from marina canals is also not permitted. Fisheries are active in the area and checking on boats at the ramp on a regular basis. The marina waterways have become a very active nursery for a variety of fish species and schools of juvenile fish can be observed from the pontoons and revetment walls.

Safety and Speed Limits

There is a 4 knot speed limit within all waters of the marina from the entrance to the breakwater.

The 4 knot speed limit extends also to a requirement not to create any wash, wake or wave from your vessel. If you create a wash at 4 knots, please slow down some more.

Signs are placed on the waterways of the marina and are depicted as a “4” in a red circle the same as the speed limit signs on the road. The meaning is the same.

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